Partnering to Drive Innovation
Across the US, infractructure needs serious repair.


37% of US bridges – 231,000 spans – need repair and 81,000 bridges should be replaced.


Motorists drive across structurally deficient bridges 178,000 times a day.


One third of Interstate highway bridges have identified repair needs.

$ 164  billion

The identified repair cost for the 231,000 bridge spans is nearly $164 billion.

Partnering with American Roads

Through public-private partnerships, investments, or asset purchases, American Roads can provide innovative construction and financing solutions to help bridge these ongoing infrastructure gaps. We provide tailored solutions, taking on some, or all, of the capital cost obligation and long-term maintenance responsibility for public infrastructure in exchange for ongoing payments or the right to toll.

As part of the DIF Capital Partners investment portfolio, we are supported by an established and independent infrastructure investment manager who assumes all project delivery risks, streamlines project timelines, funds long-term maintenance, and offers flexible payment terms.

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Why You Should Partner with Us
  • Strong track record of investments, with more than 200 infrastructure investments over the last 15 years in renewable energy, transportation, telecom, energy and other infrastructure sectors across Europe, North America, Australia, and South America.
  • Delivery of state-of-the-art infrastructure that supports the growth and prosperity of local communities.
  • Best-in-class, expedient execution with a strong reputation for rapid decision-making and a pragmatic approach to due diligence and documentation. Direct access to and collaboration with our leadership team who work together with our partners.
  • Entrepreneurial with an agile approach and ample capital for expansion, replacement, and development.
  • Flexible investment financing to find the optimal structure for a project’s success.