Our Operations

American Roads currently owns and operates assets in Michigan and Alabama along with providing a tolling system for an asset in New Jersey. We offer a full suite of services to support transportation infrastructure.

  • Complex, Multi-Jurisdictional Compliance

    We provide experience and expertise in coordinating various stakeholder groups (e.g., Homeland Security, first responders), in addition to the management of regulatory and legislative requirements across multiple jurisdictions.

  • Full-Service Management and Back-Office Administration

    American Roads offers comprehensive management and administrative services that include:

    • Revenue collection
    • Maintenance programs
    • Bridge and road operations
    • Engineering
    • Mobile and IT systems
    • Finance
    • Contract management
    • Safety and security

  • Capital Planning and Maintenance

    We oversee the management of all aspects of the capital planning and delivery process, including oversight of all engineering, electrical, mechanical, and structural requirements of our facilities and coordination of third-party contracts on a bid proposal basis.

  • Technology Services

    We develop and integrate modern technologies for all modes of transportation requiring payment in both open and controlled access environments. We have experience with many hardware manufacturers, mobile application production, vehicle classification options, and turnkey tolling and back office software development.

  • Community Outreach

    American Roads supports community and business organizations throughout Alabama, Michigan, and Ontario, Canada. We use local labor forces to maximize the positive benefit to the communities in which we operate.

Customer Service, Detroit Windsor Tunnel

Customer Service

Detroit Windsor Tunnel

Toll Collection, Montgomery Expressway

Toll Collection

Montgomery Expressway

Tunnel Ceiling Replacement, Detroit Windsor Tunnel

Tunnel Ceiling Replacement

Detroit Windsor Tunnel

International Border, Detroit Windsor Tunnel

International Border

Detroit Windsor Tunnel

International Border, Detroit Windsor Tunnel

Information Technology Group