Situation Overview

Condition of U.S. Bridge Infrastructure*

On a national scale, bridge infrastructure continues to deteriorate

  • 37% of US bridges, 231,000 spans, need repair
  • 46,000 bridges are rated in poor condition classified structurally deficient (SD)
  • 47% of the bridges are rated in fair condition
  • 81,000 bridges should be replaced
  • Motorists drive across structurally deficient bridges 178,000 times a day
  • SD bridges, on average are 69 years old compared to 44 years for non-deficient bridges
  • One third of Interstate highway bridges (18,177 spans) have identified repair needs
  • The identified repair cost for the 231,000 bridges is nearly $164 billion based on FHWA cost data

Number of Bridges Needing Work By Type of Repair

Americas Bridges By Age

* Information about U.S. Bridge Infrastructure provided by the American Road & Transportation Builders Association Bridge Report 2020

U.S. Infrastructure Funding

Funding sources are falling short at the local, state and federal level

  • Political landscape continues to drive uncertainty
  • 80/20 federal-to-municipality funding now 20/80
  • Impacts of gas tax have been diminishing since early 2000s
  • Technology driving increased public awareness

Gas Tax Revenue Isn't What it Used to Be

Motor Fuel tax revenuem in 2015 dollars