Introduction to DIF Capital Partners

Long-term stable partner for infrastructure assets and companies

Global Reach, Local Presence

Global Reach, Local Presence

Long-term Partner

  • Long-term investment horizon, backed by institutional investors
  • Ample capital available for expansion, replacement and development projects
  • Deep industry expertise based on strong industry network and sector expertise across the DIF teams
  • Dedicated asset management team including operational and financial expertise
  • Collaborative and flexible approach to successfully implement business plans together with management and co-shareholders

Strong Track Record in Transportation, Energy and Telecom




Other Infrastructure

Best-in-Class and Expedient Execution

  • Proven track record in executing acquisition processes expeditiously
  • Strong reputation for rapid decision-making and a pragmatic approach to due diligence and documentation
  • Long-term investor with significant sector expertise
  • Value creation and strategy with a focus on collaboration with management
  • "We do what we say we will do"

DIF Partners at a Glance

Established and independent infrastructure investment manager

Track Record

  • One of the fastest growing infrastructure managers globally
  • Invested in over 200 infrastructure investments in PPP, renewable energy, transportation, telecoms, energy and other infrastructure sectorsin Europe, North America, Australia and South America

Investment Strategy

  • Our investments exhibit one or more of following characteristics: (i) an essential service to society, (ii) robust and defensivebusiness profile, with (quasi) monopolistic characteristics and/or high barriers to entry and, (iii) revenue streams which are partly or fully secured by contracts

DIF as a Partner


  • Flexible and agile approach in supporting management
  • Capitalizing upon strong industry relationships
  • Ample capital for expansion, replacement and development


  • Targeting to deliver the best results for investors, companies, local communities and the environment
  • “We do what we say we will do”


  • Pragmatic and disciplined approach
  • Best-in-class asset management supporting our investments throughout the holding period, including operational and financingexpertise

Structuring Considerations

Long-term stable partner for infrastructure assets and companies

Alternate Project Delivery

Party participation in infrastructure projects where risk and responsibility shifts to the private sector.Public ownership is maintained.

Public Private Partnership (P3)

Focus on private sources of funds to design-build-finance-operate-maintain to reduce project costs,improve outcomes and financing.

Asset Divestiture

The facility is purchased/taken over by a private party that assumes ownership,risk and future responsibility/liability

Financing Considerations

Finding the optimal financing structure is essential for a project's success

Toll Concession

Concessionaire receives compensation through obtainingthe right to collect tolls.

Availability Concession

Concessionaire receives a periodic payment from the public partner based on the availabilityof a facility at a specified performance level.

Shadow Toll Concession

Concessionaire receives a set payment (toll) for each vehicle that uses the facility.

Benefits of a Partnership with American Roads

City Relieved of Capital Commitment American Roads has funds available to expeditiously fund the replacement of the agency bridges
City Relieved of Project Delivery Risks American Roads assumes all project delivery risks — environmental clearance and permitting, ROW and easement acquisition, construction costs and project schedule delivery
Expedited Project Timeline Pending findings from toll legislation and city asset divestiture requirements, project could begin assoon as approved
Estimated Project Completion 12-18 months
Project Structure and Financing Flexibility American Roads is uniquely positioned to allow for full asset ownership, P3, and concession project structures;American Roads provides partners with flexibility when it comes to financing strategies
Elimination of Future Maintenance Requirements American Roads funds long-term maintenance reserve accounts to ensure proactive bridge upkeep which improvesasset longevity
Flexible Payment Term American Roads can provide long-dated payment terms to reduce the immediate annual impact on city budget